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 Joslyn's Fiber Farm 

our Focus

we believe in  creating a unique and customized Christmas stocking for  each and every client.

Hi!  I'm Joslyn Seefeldt, owner and creator of Joslyn's Fiber Farm.

The Fiber Farm is a small yarn company based in southern Wisconsin.
We specialize in the creation of hand-knit Christmas Stockings.

who we are

The fine print

Joslyn's Fiber Farm is a small yarn company based in southern Wisconsin.  When we say small, we mean it!  The Fiber Farm is run primarily by Joslyn, with the assistance of family members from time to time.  We hope by disclosing our employment staff that you will realize we aren't a big-box operation.  We download orders 3 times per week.  The orders are then packed, boxed, and shipped twice a week.  
All of the hand-knit Christmas stockings are done by Joslyn, without exception.  A typical Christmas stocking takes anywhere from 20 - 30 hours to complete.  This is truly a labor of love.  
We take orders for hand-knit stockings year round.  We would encourage you to order early as our knitting appointment book is often filled by November 1st for Christmas delivery.  Every year, we have to turn away last minute Christmas orders.  We hate to disappoint families, so order early!!
Joslyn's Fiber Farm has chosen to use Paypal as our payment gateway to ensure peace of mind for both you as the consumer, and myself, as the provider.  
All orders, whether kits or handknit stockings, are shipped using the USPS, with Delivery Guarantee tracking provided.  
Questions?  Please email Joslyn or phone Joslyn @ 608-774-7490.

Each family is unique.  We realize that Christmas stockings are a once in a lifetime creation and purchase.  An off-the-rack stocking will never capture the emotions and memories that a personalized, hand-knit stocking will. We are also realistic and realize that not every family has an in-house knitting expert.  To that end, we offer both Christmas stocking knitting kits and hand-knit Christmas stockings.  
​Truly a gift of a lifetime.